Sunday, July 9, 2023

Arcade1up spinner modification

The new spinner will not work with the trackball unless I get this interface device which adds to the cost.  The spinner would work by itself on a game that didn't have a trackball, like a Tempest cabinet.  

I ordered this board yesterday and it is supposed to arrive today.

A couple of years ago, the person who makes these told me that I don't need the interface board.  He said that I could attach the spinner to the trackball.    However, the wires to the original (crummy) spinner are soldiered to the trackball control board.  If I had soldering skills I might be able to do it without the interface board.

I thought that I had to open up the spinner and this caused much delay in doing the upgrade.  I could not remove some of the screws and I had to enlist the help of my step-dad.  This has turned into a bigger project for something that I thought would be just plug-and-play.    I didn't need to do all this work if I just used the interface board.


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