Thursday, June 12, 2014

My birthday yesterday.

My friend Vince (who I only see about 3 times per year) and I had steaks at Applebee's which were delicious.    I was stuffed full of food.


Last night around 10:50 PM there was a mild earthquake.   I felt a rumble below my feet but wasn't sure what it was.   Then Beesley called me and asked if I felt the earthquake.


Applebee’s nutrition (Number of calories in my dinner last night.)

Half of Honey BBQ wings:           625.  (Since I ate less than half I am going to assume 525.)

Baked potato                                 330.  (Seems very high.  Normal baked potato is 161.)

Bourbon Street Steak                   730  (I think this is what we ordered.  Really delicious steak.)

Bread                                               250  (I am making an assumption about the number of calories in the bread.)


Total                                                1835


No wonder I was stuffed.


Next time I will skip the bread.


They don't list calories for the red potatoes.



Monday, June 9, 2014

The Returned

Recently watched an American TV series called Resurrection about how a small town reacts to a few people who come back from the dead.  This series is O.K. but I read that it was similar to a French series called “The Returned” (Les Reverants) which I just watched on Netflix streaming.    The French series is more entertaining, a little creepy and a lot less family friendly.


The French series is going to be adapted to American TV by one of the LOST creators.