Sunday, March 24, 2024



Although I still cough, it has diminished. However, the aftereffects of COVID make me feel like I am not yet fully recovered.

This experience makes me think that I was a bit unhealthy to begin with, and that I need to try to improve my overall health.


I feel better today than have for the last six weeks. I keep saying stuff like this, but my improvement has been very slow.

My coughing is often worse at bedtime.

My lungs feel more clear although I can tell that whatever was bothering them and making me cough has not completely gone away.

Friday, March 15, 2024

The Game of Risk - Numberphile

I wrote a Risk AI for the Sega Genesis in the mid-90s.  My algorithm was brute force trying to look a few moves ahead.  It was computationally intensive and evaluated moves on the chances of success.  This resulted in an aggressive approach that wanted to move a large army attacking countries one at a time.

The lead programmer didn't like my AI and wanted to use his own.  I convinced his manager that my algorithm was winning and he told the lead programmer to use my code.  However, the lead programmer used his own AI instead.

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Former Columbus, Indiana Mall

I went for a walk in the "mall". The old mall failed and the city is converting it into some sort of recreational center.

It still looks like a mall but they have added on to it. It still has one sporting goods store, three restaurants, and a video game arcade.

On the west end they have a surprisingly large area devoted to medical offices.

I get the impression that the city is trying to get many different uses out of the former mall space.

Tuesday, March 5, 2024


8 hours ago
I think gonna make a video on being an old as ass gamer and seeing how much the industry has changed over my lifetime, and how lost it is now. Would you watch it?

8 hours ago
You are not old. I am going on 64.  I started gaming as a teenager in the 1970's with coin-operated mechanical games and moving on to Pong and other early video games.  Eventually, I would become a video game programmer.

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17 minutes ago
Dude you're like a legend. I'm 23 and a software developer myself. I don't know how you guys did it "back in the day" with no internet for assistance. Mad respect for you man.


0 seconds ago
 @bedtimestories1065  My first real video game was called Diamond Mike in 1985 for the Timex Sinclair 2068 computer.  There are videos of it here on YouTube.  My problem is that I didn't have any development tools.  So I wrote a Z80 Assember in BASIC which was very slow.  I sped it up a little by writing a string search routine in machine code, but the program was a two-pass assembler that would still take six hours to assemble my game.  I was working a Data Entry job, living in my parent's apartment, and trying to write the game in my bedroom.  So roughly every eight hours I would test the game, make a change, and start the assembly process over again.

The following year I would write the same game for the Atari ST.  This time I had development tools with a C compiler that also supported assembly code.

After working a few years as a database programmer, I got a job as a video game programmer with Sculptured Software in Utah in 1993.  We had real development tools, but most of the work was in assembly language.  In 1999 I went to work for Xantera writing Gameboy Color games using Z80 assembly again.