Sunday, July 28, 2013

re: Long Days of Summer chess tournament in American Fork Utah.

Shahram and I left my house 8:45 Saturday morning and thanks in part to traffic problems got back to Salt Lake City 10:30 that night.   We were both hungry since there was no dinner break, so we stopped for food and didn't get home until about 11:20 PM.  

Although it was fun tournament, this felt for me like too long of a day.  I remember in the last round I had a headache, probably from the tension in the tournament.  (Ibuprofen should be standard chess tournament equipment.)   Shahram commented that in the future he didn't want to drive this far to play such a long tournament.

On the other hand, I would probably do this again because I am such a masochist for chess.  However, I was pretty tired the next day.  Sometimes in the past when I would overexert myself I would get sick later.  I am hoping that this doesn't happen.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Fwd: Chess


I wanted to thank you again for the chess instruction you gave me back
in June. Your insights were extremely useful, and pointed me in the
direction I needed to go to improve my chess skills and understanding
the game. I followed your advice and ordered the two books you
recommended, specifically Bobby Fischer teaches Chess has been of
great help. I've also been studying tactics off of your website, not
as often as I'd like, but as often as possible.

I wanted to verify that you'll be at the coffee shop tomorrow night as
I have a few things I plan to leave at the counter for you to thank
you for your time. It was great to meet you.

Thanks again,
Kate Pettipiece

Friday, July 12, 2013

RE: Amazon Prime?

I have Amazon Prime because they discounted it down to $59 late last year.


The video selection is so bad that I don’t use it. 


I just signed up for Netflix streaming.


The free 2 day shipping is nice.   It makes buy from Amazon more often.