Saturday, October 15, 2011

Maltitol - The Problems With Maltitol

Today I bought on clearance 3 "no sugar added" mini fruit pies from
Wal-Mart. They were cherry, blueberry and apple. This was an impulse
purchase. I was tempted by the low price and the "no sugar added"
on the label. I ate them all. I was hungry.

I should have know better. I read the ingredients a little too late.
They all have Maltitol. I have run into Maltitol before. Usually it
gives me gas really bad. Although it is frequently used as a sugar
substitute in a many different products, maybe it should be illegal.
"Sugar alcohols" in general tend to cause intestinal problems...

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Someone on "" invited me to participate in an "Ataxx" tournament.  This was my response ...

"Signed up.  Ataxx was originally an arcade video game that I played back in the 1980's. (It was also a 7'UP Spot DOS game that I still have.)   I loved it.  I thought to myself that whoever wrote it must have been a chess player, like me.  In the 1990's when I actually worked a as video game programmer, I met and worked with one of the two people who invented Ataxx.  And, yes, he was a chess player.  In the last decade, I made a suggestion to that I really liked Attax and that they should bring it to  Now I consider myself one of the better Ataxx players on"