Friday, April 29, 2022

Fascinating Facts About The Amish That Few People Know - Past Chronicles

In the 1980s, I met one Amish young man.  Somewhere between Scottsburg and Salem Indiana, there is a community of them, and I was living in Scottsburg at the time.  I only on rare occasions drove to Salem, and yet I managed to see their buggies on the road along the way.

I think that this young man may have taken a job in Scottsburg.  I think that the Amish sometimes do this to make ends meet.  

A had a casual conversation with the young man and my impression was not favorable.  He didn't seem to know hardly anything.  He was also waiting for someone to drive him home in a vehicle, oddly enough.  Maybe it is okay since he wasn't the driver.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Weed killer

The dandelions were pretty bad in my yard and my oriental neighbors' yard. I ordered the weed killer spray from Amazon because it was considerably cheaper than Walmart. I ordered two bottles. I expected to get the shipment today.

I wanted to do the spraying first but the package hadn't arrived yet. So first I mowed my front and back yards. Then I went for a 25 minute bike ride thinking that I could use the exercise. On my ride I saw an Amazon truck.

The package showed up about 5:45. I put on a long sleeve shirt, rubber gloves and a KN95 mask. The instructions say to do this, and maybe wear eye protection which I didn't do, and then to shower thoroughly afterwards which I did do.

I hooked the hose to the spray bottle and turned the faucet to full blast. This worked, but I ran out of weed killer halfway into my yard. In the past I was able to do the whole front yard with one bottle and still have some left over. Good thing that I ordered a second bottle.

I have no plans to spray the back yard. People only see the front yard which was starting to look bad because it was overrun with dandelions.

The oriental lady next door approached me and asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was applying dandelion killer. This maybe surprised her, but their yard is loaded with dandelions the same as mine. I get the impression that her husband is diligent about doing yard work because I have seen him many times working in the yard.

Best wishes,

John Coffey

Saturday, April 23, 2022


I had not seen this puzzle before. I like it. It is obviously a chess spin on Wordle, which I also like.

The goal is to guess the sequence of opening movies.

The puzzle gives you the option to guess 3 or 5 moves.  In today's puzzle, I got the 3 move sequence on the second try.  It is an opening sequence that I like to play.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

IQ test question

I found this question online.  I have always been confused as to whether we should be looking at these types of questions as 3 horizontal problems where we just have to provide an answer for the 3rd line, or 3 vertical problems?  I would assume horizontal, but both directions seem to work here.

I had an unusual flash of insight where I think that I hit upon the answer right away.  Maybe the problem isn't as hard as it first looks.