Monday, September 25, 2023

Diamond Mike – Timex/Sinclair Computers

This is a videogame I wrote in 1985.  I thought that it was lost forever.  I had given away my Timex Sinclair stuff to my cousin when I moved to Utah in 1993.  I wish that I had kept it.  She said that eventually the computer died.

I contacted the website manager and asked him to look out for the game. He not only found a copy but sent me the tape from 38 years ago!

He made a downloadable online version.  I tried to run it using an emulator.  With the emulator, I was having trouble getting the controls to work.

The Atari ST version I wrote in 1986 looks better but is essentially the same game.  I have a copy of this, but no hardware to run it on.

I made money on this stuff in the mid-1980s but eventually had to get a real job.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

DF Retro: The Making of Doom on Super NES - The Original 'Impossible Port'...?

34 minutes ago 
19:07 "More Romero, less Coffey." 

Randy said that I edited levels and did game testing, but it was so long ago that I literally don't remember any of the details. I have since worked on many projects and for different companies. Video game companies have a habit of going out of business, so I ended up working for a major military contractor and eventually retired from there.  In my retirement, I'm trying to learn app programming. 

If we edited Doom levels, I don't remember how we did that. I do remember being a Doom fanatic. I still love the game. 

What I think I remember is that we were trying to edit the levels to save space to fit on a 2 MB cartridge, but ID shot this down. I could be wrong. 

I was impressed that Randy was able to port the game to the SNES. 

The company we worked for was tight on space.  My office was a former supply closet, which didn't bother me.  All I needed was a table and a computer.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

My 7940hs computer order

The problem with trying to order from Ali Express to save money is that they can slow to deliver the products. My past purchases took between 2.5 to 5 weeks to arrive.

I ordered this computer four weeks ago today. They claimed that they were offering a guaranteed on time delivery of a week ago.

Friday, September 15, 2023

My computer order is delayed (due to COVID?)

This is what I get for ordering from China.  I ordered from Ali Express to save some money. 

However, the manufacturer is in China anyway.  I could have ordered from the manufacturer and still faced the same delays.

I ordered this computer 23 days ago. The estimated delivery day was September 12th. There has been no tracking information, although the Ali Express app claims that the computer is still in China and that there are delays.
Do you have any information about if the computer has left China or when it will be delivered?
This was advertised as "Guaranteed On Time Delivery." This led me to believe that the delivery would take 3 weeks.
发货提醒客户好评: Hi Dear, We send your order out earlier and update tracking number already. Due to serious COVID-19 epidemic in Shenzhen and Hongkong, transit and tracking info updating will be delayed. Thanks for your patience and cooperation. Hope you can give us 5 stars feedback with pictures if you are happy with our product. Please contact us if you have any problems before leaving negative feedback. We will serve you to satisfaction. Thanks. Best regards