Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Re: Hobbiton

Now I ride a bicycle for exercise, but when I lived in Salt Lake City I would go on walks of various durations ranging from 20 to 90 minutes.

I walked by this place a few times.  Google street view shows a "no trespassing" sign, which I also saw when I walked by the place, otherwise, I might have walked down the lane.  I wanted to check it out because it is my nature to be curious about almost everything.

I thought that I saw a person getting out of a car who was a dwarf.  Maybe more than one person.  The "no trespassing" sign led me to believe that they wanted to protect their privacy.

Around 20+ years ago they completely rebuilt the area south of 2100 south between Highland Drive and 1300 south.  Prior to that, there was a bit of a disused park that nobody seemed to go to.  There was a walking trail that seemingly very few people knew about because it wasn't visible from the roads.  A tiny part of that trail still exists and I used to walk it for fun.