Sunday, July 8, 2012

Looked at 3 houses today

Not sure if I will buy a new house or not.

Message to Neato customer service

I purchased the Neato XV-12 robot vacuum cleaner about a month ago on a WOOT special.  I didn 't open  the BOX until July 4th.  I have been using it for 4 days.  I have run it about 10 times.  I have two main complaints:

1.  The airway to the dust bin tends to clog with dust and debris.  Sometimes it just clogs with dust only, which can get thick in the airway.    My best bet is to clean it after every use.   At first my floors were pretty dirty, which is why I purchased the vacuum.  Now my floors are pretty clean, except on the edges, so I am hoping that the airway will clog less often.

2.  Most importantly, for the money that I spent I wish that it was a better vacuum.   It does a terrific job of navigating, but there are some noticeable problems:

A.  It does not pick up dirt around the baseboards or next chair legs or next to furniture.    I have a very noticeable 1 to 2 inches of dirt along my baseboards.  I  will have to manually sweep with a vacuum cleaner or a broom to take care of this.

B.  It doesn't always get all the dirt.  The brushes tend to scatter some of it.  On occasion,  I see debris flying from the front of the Neato vacuum.   Consequently, with repeat cleanings, the areas near baseboards, corners, chair legs,  and furniture accumulate more dirt.  As I walk around my house, I see small debris everywhere around my baseboards.  I would be happy to send you photos of the dirt that it doesn't get.

As part of the dirt scattering, some dirt has been pushed onto my stairs, which the Neato vacuum doesn't fall down, but it does manage to deposit some dirt there.

I want to know if I can trade the Neato XV-12 vacuum in for a better model, assuming there is a better model?

I once owned a Roomba.  It broke after 6 months or less, but the Roomba had a small rotating brush on the right edge that seemed to sweep dirt away from the baseboards.  I think that your vacuums need something like this.

P.S.  It is not clear to me what kind of warranty I get with this?