Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My post to Facebook

I am in the process of buying a house on 860 Wheatfield Lane, New Whiteland, IN.

My choice was a difficult one because my preference was to be closer to Columbus or Franklin, but this got me the best and newest house for the least money.  The location is half a mile from the Greenwood city limits, which means that since I want to start a chess club in Greenwood, this will be convenient.  It is also 7 to 8 minutes from the Greenwood Park Mall.

It was important to me to be walking distance from things because I like to walk.  Franklin would have been better for this, but the location I chose also has 5 restaurants, a library and a car repair place within walking distance.

I would have prefered to be in Columbus somewhere, but the houses in Columbus are either way too old or way too expensive.  There are a couple of nice houses reasonably priced close to the Columbus airport,  but the neighborhood was mostly trailers and manufactured housing.

Five minutes north of the Columbus Chess Club off of HWY 31 was a reasonably priced home that I liked, but I went with what I thought was overall the best deal.