Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Cracked tooth

I got a crack in a tooth. For insurance reasons, I had to go to an oral surgeon in Seymour to have it removed today. I saw my Dentist yesterday, who said that the tooth was cracked and recommend that an oral surgeon take it out. He first tried to book me for a "3D XRay" at an Endondist, but I was going to have to wait a week to get the XRay, so I called the Dentist and told him that I did not want to wait that long. I was in too much pain. He then booked me with the Oral Surgeon today.

On Saturday I ate some hard croutons on a salad that I made. The tooth started hurting on Sunday, and it only got worse over time. By the time I saw the Oral Surgeon on Tuesday I was more than eager to have the tooth removed. It was hurting me quite a bit. I tried using Orajel, which only helped a little. (BTW, I have used both the name brand and the Walmart generic. I suggest sticking with the name brand. The generic did not seem to work as well.)

The surgeon told me that the croutons could have caused the crack, but he thinks that the tooth already had a crack in it and the hard croutons made it worse. I told him that I used to eat popcorn quite a bit, which I no longer do because of diverticulitis, and he said that popcorn can be hard on the teeth.

I asked the oral surgeon if I should avoid hard foods in the future, but he didn't think that was necessary. I brought up the fact that I'm now 60 years old, but he didn't think that it mattered.

My recent experience with dental procedures is that it takes an extra shot to make me numb. He started to remove the tooth but I was still having pain so he gave me another shot. He said that he would wait two minutes for it to work, but I think that he waited less than a minute. He seemed to be in a rush. I had some strong pain as he pulled the tooth out, but for only about 15 seconds. I'm unhappy with the way he handled this.

I assumed that once the tooth was out that everything would be fine, but once the numbness wore out I was in almost as much pain as I was before. The oral surgeon put me on a regiment of both Tylenol and Advil, which maybe is helping. I am just trying to get through the day hoping that tomorrow will be better.

Prior to this I only had about five hours of sleep because it is hard to sleep with a sore tooth.


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