Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Historically, 1980 was a very interesting year. Technology was almost non-existent by today's standards. Some 8-bit computers were available, but they were exorbitantly expensive, infinitely underpowered, and not very useful. Only a few electronic hobbyists would have any interest in computers, which certainly included me, but I would not be able to afford a computer until 2 to 3 years later.

Microwave ovens and VCRs were not yet affordable and very few people had them. In terms of technology, people were more interested in CB radios.

Arcade videogames were just beginning to take off. Although still primitive, in terms of gaming they were significantly better than what could be done on a computer or on one of the very primitive overpriced home consoles available at the time.

The country as a whole was in a serious malaise. The economy did not do well in the 1970s and took a big downturn during the presidency of Jimmy Carter. Inflation was high, unemployment was up, economic growth was almost non-existent, and interest rates along with energy costs were at record levels. Consequently, most people were just trying to get by.

On the international scene, things did not look good. The Soviet Union appeared aggressive by invading Afghanistan. Iran was making the U.S. look bad with the hostage crisis. Opec controlled the world's energy supply.

With the election of Ronald Reagan in November, I had high hopes that things would change for the better, but it would take a long time for things to turn around.

Best wishes,

John Coffey

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