Sunday, May 12, 2024

The FREE ‘Never Obsolete’ PC from 2000! eMachines eTower 566ir

My mother had an E Machines computer.  I wasn't impressed by it, but at the time it was adequate for accessing the Internet.  However, if a person still has one of these old machines, there are many old video games that can be played on it.

The state of computers around the year 2000 was interesting.  People were buying their first computers to access the Internet.  Before this, I had abandoned my Frankenstein computer I had built up a piece at a time and purchased a 400 Mhz computer, which quickly became obsolete.  In the early 2000's I purchased a roughly 2 GHz single-core computer which seemed amazingly powerful at the time.  In 2005, I upgraded to a dual-core computer 2.4 GHz computer which also seemed like a big step up.

I purchased an i7 iMac in 2010 for around $2,000.  This was one of the more powerful computers on the market but it would seem sluggish by today's standards.  It had only slightly better performance than my old outdated laptop.   A couple of years ago I gave the almost dead computer to a repair shop for parts.

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