Saturday, September 23, 2023

DF Retro: The Making of Doom on Super NES - The Original 'Impossible Port'...?

34 minutes ago 
19:07 "More Romero, less Coffey." 

Randy said that I edited levels and did game testing, but it was so long ago that I literally don't remember any of the details. I have since worked on many projects and for different companies. Video game companies have a habit of going out of business, so I ended up working for a major military contractor and eventually retired from there.  In my retirement, I'm trying to learn app programming. 

If we edited Doom levels, I don't remember how we did that. I do remember being a Doom fanatic. I still love the game. 

What I think I remember is that we were trying to edit the levels to save space to fit on a 2 MB cartridge, but ID shot this down. I could be wrong. 

I was impressed that Randy was able to port the game to the SNES. 

The company we worked for was tight on space.  My office was a former supply closet, which didn't bother me.  All I needed was a table and a computer.

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