Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Slow Caffeine withdrawal

According to what I saw on the internet, here are the caffeine amounts for certain teas …


English Breakfast: 50mg

Black Tea:  40mg

Green Tea:  20 Mg


I suspect that these numbers could be inaccurate, because I sometimes have seen numbers that were higher.


Regardless, I think that it is still valid to use these numbers as a guide.  It is easy to see how I could use this to slowly decrease my caffeine intake …


Day 1:  I ingested 120 mg caffeine.

Day 2:  I ingested 100 mg caffeine.

Day 3: I ingested 90 mg caffeine.


My plan is to continue going down in increments of 10 where possible.  When I get down to 40 I might stay there a few days before going down to 20.


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